Elizabeth River District Men's Ministry
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Ministering To Men Along The Elizabeth River
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  Welcome to the website of the Elizabeth River District Men's Ministry
The adopted theme of the Elizabeth River District Men's Ministry is: "Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only" (James 1:22 - KJV).
The function of the Elizabeth River District Men's Ministry is:
  • to develop programs which meet the needs and interests of men and the responsibilities of discipleship
  • to assist in personal witness and evangelism
  • to enable outreach in individual and group mission and ministry
  • to encourage and support spiritual growth and faith development

                                                                                                                                March 2016

I pray that each of you enjoyed a powerful resurrection experience in your churches over the Lenten and Easter season.  As we press on in our ministries I would like to make you aware of several opportunities available to you and the men of your church in growing strong male leadership over time and employing a tactical strategy of intentional discipleship in the immediate future.

On April 21st we will offer an overview of the Wesleyan Building Brothers (WBB) process at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Norfolk (288 E. Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, VA 23505) from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM.  The overview will be presented by David Bean, Culpepper UMC, and myself.  David and I have recently become certified facilitators and are leading two WBB groups in the Virginia Conference Class of 2016.  One currently at Wilderness Community Church in Spotsylvania County and one to begin May 14th at West Point UMC.  Cost for the overview is $10 which covers lunch and snacks for the day.  To register for the event contact me at: johnnie.draughon@cox.net.

WBB is a small group ministry that produces strong male leadership over time.  These are men who are actively engaged in the pursuit of God and have a strong desire to lead other men in that same pursuit.  They meet together weekly for discussions based on the book Spiritual Fathers: Restoring the Reproductive Church by Dan Schaeffer.  These groups meet quarterly with all other churches participating in the process to examine where they have been in their journey and where they will be going over the next three months.  For the men of the Elizabeth River, James River and York River Districts this opportunity begins May 14th.

Another opportunity coming soon is: No Man Left Behind:  Reaching Men for Jesus Christ:  Reaching men for Jesus Christ with an intentional model of discipleship is a 7-hour overview of the Advanced Lay Servant Course, Understanding Men’s Ministry. The course is based on the Man in The Mirror Ministries best-selling book, No Man Left Behind, by Patrick Morley. This ministry model is a practical and tactical approach to getting men’s interest, keeping their interest, and getting them excited about being involved in men’s ministry by creating value, capturing momentum and sustaining relationships within the church. The workshop will be April 23, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Community United Methodist Church. The cost is $30 which includes snacks, lunch and a workbook. Copies of the book, No Man Left Behind, will be available for purchase. Register online by April 20th at http://www.cumcvb.org/, go to “Online E-Giving for CUMC at the bottom of the page.

My prayer is that you and/or one or two leaders in your church will take advantage of the workshops on April 21st and 23rd and that your church will host a WBB small group in the class of 2016.

In Christ’s service

Johnnie Draughon




39th Annual UMMen Spiritual Advance

Virginia United Methodist Assembly Center

November 4-6, 2016


The Oxford Group, the proposed new management of VUMAC, has agreed to provide the same services at 2015 prices, thus enabling UMMen to continue its relationship in Blackstone again this year.  The contract is pending and is expected to be finalized in the next few days.

Why the change since the closure announcement in May? Good question that has a joyful answer!

The need for additional billeting at nearby Fort Pickett to accommodate a new training course there has resulted in a partnership between the Virginia United Methodist Assembly in Blackstone, and a private contractor to convert the facility into a hotel-like facility. When complete, there will be many renovations that will include semi-private rooms complete with telephones, flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, separate heating zones for various parts of the facility and improved cooking and dining facilities.

Although the Goodson Lodge and some rooms on the first floor of the main building will be under renovation during the time of the 2016 Spiritual Advance, our initial plan is to provide accommodations for 200 men. Our hosts are looking to have us, as well as other Methodist groups, back on a regular basis, so you can expect them to work very hard to accommodate all our needs with minimal disruption.

Our originally featured speaker, the Rev. Dr. Max Blalock, Campus Minister,

The College of William and Mary, will be there, as well as a large contingent of Boy Scouts and all the activities you’ve come to expect.  

Look for an announcement later this month with more details and registration info. Because space will be limited, we ask that you register at least 30 days in advance -- or sooner -- to ensure you can join us. In the meantime, be sure to save the dates, November 4-6.



United Methodist Men Called to Serve

UMM of Virginia Conference have been called and tasked by Andrew Kissell, UMM Conference President, with leading our churches in the mission to prepare cleaning buckets for our brothers and sisters in West Virginia. Entire towns have been destroyed, and homes damaged by flood waters. The ER District Men's Ministry Team is calling all churches under the leadership of UMM to join in this powerful mission. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, AND WE NEED TO BE IN ACTION MODE NOW! A complete list of supplies and instructions can be downloaded from UMCOR.
Additional information will be forthcoming. ERDMMT contact is 
Bill Gibbs email at: bilgib5@gmail.com.


Grilling For God

Heart Havens Advocate
We need a man to coordinate the maintenance and repair activities at both the McLeigh-Holland and Taylor homes in the Elizabeth River District. Ideally we’d like to have a rep for each home. Several Elizabeth River District churches regularly do repairs, maintenance and yard work at the homes, including Christ, Courthouse Community, Community, Oak Grove, Thalia and Great Bridge (just to name a few).  Although a rep from one of these churches would be a good fit, any Church from the District can provide a servant leader to fill this position.  Duties would be to coordinate the efforts of all District churches to ensure cooperation and teamwork and to serve as a liaison between UMM, Heart Havens, and the home’s staff.  These efforts would entail no more than 1-2 hours a week. Home repair experience is not necessary, just a willingness to serve and learn. 
As you may already know, most of the funds to keep up the homes comes from the fellowships.  The District and Conference have no fundraisers or a  budget to support them, nor any of the other ministries we support.  That’s why the labor and materials for minor repairs comes from the fellowships.  For larger expenditures the Heart Havens organization either reimburses the fellowships for materials or contracts for the services.  That’s why our support is so critical.  We save thousands of dollars each year in labor by doing work ourselves to take care of our Heart Havens Homes.  And our residents deserve to live in a comfortable, functional house that they can call home.
Please ask one of your men personally to consider serving in this capacity.  Heart Havens is one of our main missions and certainly our number one service commitment as Methodist men.   Personal contact is critical since we have already canvassed the District by e-mails and notices.  Presidents, if you know a man who is looking for spiritual growth, who wants to make a difference, wants to participate in worthwhile service or is ready to answer God’s call, I ask that you approach that man, and tell him you think he would be well suited for this job. Then, ask him to prayerfully consider it, and contact me or our Team Leader, Albert Weal, to step out in faith.  Albert, Jeff Hall (our Conference president), or I will then be more than happy to show our new advocate the ropes at each of the homes and introduce him to the key members of the Heart Havens Team.  I trust that if we ask, we shall receive! From Matthew 25:40,  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
Andrew Kissell

          WHY DO WE CHARTER?
UMM along with the UMC is a connectional organization that depends on relationships to grow and prosper spiritually.  The UMM receive no other centralized funds.  So except for those fellowships that charter, donate directly or individuals who participate as Every Man Shares (EMS) members, there is no means of support.   This is more a matter of Discipleship than funding.  Although stewardship is integral to growing as a disciple, our purpose is not raising money, but raising spiritual sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.  UMM is dedicated to helping us grow spiritually and to help other men do the same through a growing relationship with God through Christ.  We do that through our own relationships with each other.  If you currently meet as a men’s fellowship and are not chartered please prayerfully consider doing so.  If you are not meeting and would like help in forming or reforming a men’s fellowship, contact your Sub-district Coordinator or myself so we can discuss options and enlist local or National expert resources as appropriate.   And, by the way, those expert resources have been developed through our connections with the UMM Body as a whole.

In His Service,

Andrew Kissell
Elizabeth River District UMM Team Leader