Elizabeth River District Men's Ministry
Monday, July 16, 2018
Ministering To Men Along The Elizabeth River

Team Leader Letter

We are well into the beginning of the New Year and your Men’s Ministry Team has been installed to serve you through 2016.  This year we want to keep our focus on our vision to: “Engage, equip, and empower men to think and act like Jesus Christ.”  What will that look like?  Well, we are still searching but our mission statement is: “The ERDMM Team will support local fellowships in making disciples of men and transforming the world.  District men will promote spiritual growth by preparing men for service and leadership.”  We would like for the ERDMMT to become a resource for you in engaging the men in your local congregation in order to equip them to reach out to other men in their families, communities and workplaces and empower them to bring men into the Kingdom of God through authentic relationships.

We currently have men available to talk with your fellowships about a number of programs and projects that they can become engaged in.  Financial Peace University, Grilling for God, Heart Havens, Iron Sharpens Iron, Letters From Dad, The Manger Build, Prison and Jail ministries, Stepping Up: A call to Courageous Manhood, Understanding Men’s Ministry (The No Man Left Behind Model of Intentional Discipleship), and Wesleyan Building Brothers.  We expect this list to grow over the next year and hopefully we will be growing teams equipped to come into your local church and lead weekend or one day retreats.     

Each of your churches has a sub-district coordinator who is tasked to be a conduit for two-way communications between the ministry team and the local church.  Over the next few weeks these men will be contacting you or your church – please work with them to ensure that they understand how to most effectively communicate with you and the men of your local fellowships.  This link is vital to the success of any outreach ministry to men.

Finally, please feel free to share the successful programs and events happening within your local fellowships – if it is working for you there is a very strong possibility that it will work for others.

To learn more about the tools available to you and your church, and to see what’s going on in other churches visit our website at www.elizabethrivermen.org.  Or feel free to contact me or any of the officers listed on the website.  We are committed to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by serving you.

In Christ’s service,
Johnnie Draughon