Elizabeth River District Men's Ministry
Saturday, May 25, 2019
Ministering To Men Along The Elizabeth River

Good News Jail Ministry


The mission of Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is to provide spiritually mature, equipped, and motivated Christian chaplains to serve in correctional facilities, nationally and internationally.  Our purpose is to meet the spiritual needs of both inmates and staff through ministry that includes evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral attention, while facilitating other religious faiths within the guidelines established by law and the individual correctional facility.

For His own purposes, God is using Christian ministry behind bars to bring salvation and restoration to inmates and staff.  We are seeing more changed lives than many pastors see in a lifetime of pulpit ministry.  It is a privilege to serve as chaplains, along with our teams of volunteers, who minister daily in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center.


Opportunities for Service include:

·         Cell visitation

·         Bible and Christian literature distribution

·         One-on-one ministry and discipleship

·         In-block worship services (Sunday 9 a.m. – 12 noon)

·         Bible teaching (Life Empowerment Program)

·         Life skills instruction (Life Empowerment Program)

·         Bible lesson grading

·         Donations of leather-bound study Bibles (for use as award Bibles), easy to read soft-covered Bibles, Christian soft-covered books and magazines, videos, DVDs, postage stamps, used cell phones and other used electronics


If you have any questions, visit our website at www.goodnewsjail.org or contact our office at (757) 385-8207.  You can also contact me at email: steve.christenson@goodnewsjail.org.

May God bless you for your service to His kingdom!

Steve Christenson
GNJM Chaplain