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General Commission of UMM - February 2018

General Commission on United Methodist Men - Leader Letter, February 2018

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A bimonthly e-mail letter
from agency officers and staff 
to leaders of United Methodist Men

February, 2018

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Bishop James E. Swanson, Sr. says some men think they can drift their way to discipleship, but men can’t become disciples without intentional efforts. He quotes Bishop Ernest Fitzgerald: “The people you serve may never rise to the level of your expectations, but they certainly will not rise if you have no expectations.”

Bishop Gary Mueller notes that many of us use Facebook to criticize––even demonize others. He says, “The fact of the matter is that my real first priority needs to be to deal with my own heart and my own callousness to injustice. Moreover, so is yours. Not just in generic terms, but by being willing to name it for what it really is––Sin.”

Gil Hanke had an opportunity to visit with staff and students at The Lydia Patterson Institute. Eighty percent of the students live in Juarez, Mexico, and travel across a footbridge to the Texas school. He says we can all learn from this remarkable UM agency that ministers to a diverse and committed student population.

On June 1,
Larry Coppock will retire from his post as director of scouting ministries to become the staff executive of Strength for Service, Inc. He celebrates the 16-year SFS relationship with the commission, and attributes much of the success to chartered men’s groups and UM churches who raised funds to cover the cost of free book distributions.

The Rev. Rick Vance invites men to join him as he returns to his Wesley roots to engage in individual and communal practices of piety and mercy. He suggests practicing these spiritual disciplines will help men grow in their own spiritual lives and serve as a witness to others.

Steve Nailor encourages churches to renew their charters as units of UM Men and he asks individuals to become EMS members or Legacy Builders. He says the commission raises 75 percent of its annual budget and that percentage may have to increase as the amount received from the general church may decline.

Mark Lubbock has found leaders of growing UM Men organizations engage in five spiritual practices. He encourages organizations to include younger men in planning future activities. “It is not a ‘build-it-and-they-will-come approach’, but rather an ‘empower-them-to-build-their-own process’.”
Jim Boesch says some people get discouraged when their hopes and dreams for the future don’t work out. He encourages men to listen to Jeremiah and know God has a plan for them. “God wants us to prosper and not be harmed” (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

New Initiative!
GCUMM and the American Red Cross are collaborating on a new initiative called Sound the Alarm. The national launch webinar will be Thursday, February 15th. To register click here.

A reminder:
Make sure that your church’s UMM charter is recertified for 2018. Check with your local treasurer or church secretary to ensure your church is still connected with GCUMM. If you are unsure whether or not your church has recertified, please emailjstrausbaugh@gcumm.org. To recertify online, click here. Many thanks!

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